1. CROWN
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Let me call you back
I'm in the studio (Heavy is the head)
Yea I saw it (Turn me up)
It's whatever

Always rep the hometown
They never saw me coming
Yea, but do you see me now
I always been a real one
Authentic with my sound cuz
I’m known to make em all laugh
But I ain’t never been a clown
I keep it real funky in my verses
Especially for you for dirty hoes and bum nighas that ain’t working
Cut the cameras on and I'ma murk it
Any negativity I curse it
These nighas doing lines like they rehearsed it
But that’s ok tho
Let everybody know I’m on yo head just like a Kangol
Ringing the alarm and make it loud cuz you a late hoe
These bitches really jealous cuz I’m going where they can’t go
My favorite fruit is mango
And you gone have to pick it
Cuz I’m the only royal that the people really click with
If you wanna fuck with me you gotta buy a ticket
Clapping back online
But when they ask you where’s your music

(You know I'm from The Boot, like we get real grimy or whatever, but I'm just too clean to, you know, do em dirty dirty. But this is light work, for real.)

I’ve been Shreveport’s illest,
Brick City’s chillest,
New York’s finest,
I could be mature and say let’s put it all behind us,
But dusty nighas irritate my soul
Can’t fuck with Linus
No seriously, you’re fucking with my sinus (achoo)
And I don’t fuck with losers
I know your body but I’d never choose ya,
Holland tunnel traffic views just for them to cruise ya
I ain’t the one that found you, so I ain’t afraid to lose ya
Let me rewind it
Just got another contract, I’ma sign it
Success has been my favorite form of violence
I’m vibing, appreciating silence
My lawyers really anxious
Got some business, better mind it
You know I’ve always been pressure
Since the day I met ya
Give me 90 days and I’m guaranteed to forget ya
Remember who was there when you were stressed
God blessed me to bless ya
I’m tired of teaching lessons to the lessors

(It's really simple, like,
Just, you know,
If you fuck with me, you fuck with me,
But if you don't, stay safe.)

Sparking up the spliff
Pouring up the brown
Feeling kinda shamed of
All these squares I been around
They never lift you up
Try to kick you when down
Still rising to the top
Man, I shall wear a crown


Written and Produced by A.S. Blalock/T.Whitfield/D. Ochsner
© 2024 Dollhouse Unlimited, LLC.